Our Produce

“Supporting a sustainable poultry industry, with expert insight and analysis from across the global.”



We produce Ross 308 & Cobb 500.

Fast growing broiler chickens, with many advandages:

All our farms are in the process of modernization and expansion, with the use of energy and natural resources saving technologies as well as the extensive use of digital automation and remote-control instruments.

Central Farms 2021

Zero-Emissions Goal

[In progress] The amount of greenhouse gas we produce is no more than amount removed from atmosphere.

100% Organic Goal

[In progress] Organic farming is grown and raised without the use of additives and substances.

Chemicals-Free Goal

[In progress] We don't involve the use of artificial chemicals, especially pesticides or fertilizers.

More coming soon!

We plan to expand in alternative feed species (algae, insect feeding), which limit the use of raw materials such as soybeans, which have major environmental impacts during their production (deforestation, over-consumption of water resources, excessive use of pesticides).