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“Smart farming & big ideas can change our way of thinking in the way to achieve true sustainable farming”

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"We are offering an ever expanding variety of farming goods we are committed to providing the highest quality, fresh and natural food products"
Central Farms

The Future...now

High Technology Farming is a broad concept which refers to a wide range of new tools (Robotics, ICT, Big Data, Earth Observation, etc.). The synergic use of these instruments allows the shifting to the new paradigm of Sustainable Precision Agriculture (SPF)

Our Vision

Re-Innovate Sustainable smart farming

Precision agriculture can also be used as a tool to help match land use to land use capability. This helps address sustainability issues by optimising results in the productive parts of the landscape while conserving biodiversity and natural resource base in less productive parts.

Our Goals

Our Green Energy Goal

Renewable Energy and Agriculture: A Natural Fit.

We promote & aim for 70% operation on renewable energy by 2030

Zero-Emissions Goal

[In progress] The amount of greenhouse gas we produce is no more than amount removed from atmosphere.

100% Organic Goal

[In progress] Organic farming is grown and raised without the use of additives and substances.

Chemicals-Free Goal

[In progress] We don't involve the use of artificial chemicals, especially pesticides or fertilizers.

Our Story

New Ideas
For a new Gen of Farming

"We are always open to collaborations, through a wide network of partners throughout Europe, which gives us the opportunity to transfer to the Greek market, the most advanced production models."
Dimitris samialis
CEO and Founder
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