About Us

“The knowledge and experiences of both our own and our partners, allow us to be active in all sectors of agriculture that match our philosophy.”

We are a group of young people, with different experiences and family tradition in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. We started our activity in traditional poultry farming, determined to combine the valuable knowledge of experienced poultry farmers, with fresh ideas , new technologies and good practices for animal welfare.

We chose to start from the poultry industry, because chickens have the unique feature of consuming minimal natural resources to grow, compared to any other animal.

All FAO studies show that humanity’s growing need for animal protein will be increasingly met by chicken meat in the future.

"We are always open to collaborations, we rely on a wide network of partners throughout Europe, which gives us the opportunity to transfer to the Greek market, the most advanced production models."
Dimitris samialis
CEO & Founder
sign samial

Our Philosophy

We are determined to contribute to the transformation of the Greek agriculture production model , using new technologies and sustainable methods.

The new Common Agricultural Policy (Farm to Fork) shows the path we must follow in the production of sustainable and safe food.

We aspire to be the positive protagonists in all the areas we decide to invest.

Our Vision

We want to expand to poultry farming, with an emphasis on sustainable low-carbon solutions.

We plan to develop alternative feed species (algae, insect feeding), which limit the use of raw materials such as soybeans, which have major environmental impacts during their production (deforestation, over-consumption of water resources, excessive use of pesticides).